Downsides of not having a gutter protection system

Is your eavestrough too flimsy? Does it sag under the weight of ice and snow? If it’s clogged with ice, it’s useless during winter thaws. Gutters need to drain water in every season.

Your rain gutters are clogged, water will overflow and seep between the eavestroughs and the fascia board. The fascia board will eventually start to rot and may even cause damages to the structure of your home.

You must regularly clean your gutters? This is quite the annoying and time-consuming chore that also puts you at a risk of falling every time.

Do your eavestroughs leak in the corners? It’s because the sun has dried out your sealant. Cracks have formed, which means the joint is no longer watertight. Rainwater gets through and you start getting leaks on every side of the house.

Does your gutter seem to get damaged for no reason? If leaning a ladder against your eavestrough is enough to cause this kind of damage, your home will end up looking run down. It’s time to look at a stronger solution.

Your eavestroughs are completely clogged? Protect your biggest investment, your home. Install Alu-Rex products to avoid problems of clogged eavestroughs.

The T-Rex®, continuous hangerTM for a new solid eavestrough with no maintenance required.Learn more

The Gutter Clean System®, a gutter guard for existing eavestroughs.
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Our solutions

Bramdon Renovations Ltd. has the solutions to these unfortunate problems.

Traditional eavestroughs concerns


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